Friday, April 16, 2010

Tour de France, July 3rd-23rd

The Tour de France is back! This tour is the annual bicycle race that covers approximately 2200 miles throughout France and bordering countries. The race lasts three weeks and attracts cyclists from around the world. With our incredible rates, at incoming calls FREE, you can be connected in your international cell phone rental with everybody on the road, and share the latest information. The incoming text messages are also free, and outgoing calls to the US 0.89, this incredible cell phone rental is hard to pass! You will receive your phone rental before leaving the US, and it will be ready to use upon destination. There´s no reason for you to pay outlandish roaming charges for your local company or waste your time looking for calling cards, our cell phone rentals are ready to use, no need to use a calling back service that migth not work.. This is a “pay as you go” system, you will never run out of minutes! And more, find out about our GPS rentals for this trip!

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