Friday, April 16, 2010

Central America and Caribbean Games Puerto Rico July 17th-August 1st

The Central America and Caribbean Games (or CACs) are a multi-sport regional championships event, held quadrennial (every 4 years), typically in the middle (even) year between Summer Olympics.For this occasion, we can offer you a local US cell phone rental! No activation fees required. Don’t worry about roaming fees, or calling cards. Receive the call directly on your international cell phone rental from Phonerental USA.. Also, you can use our affordable insurance (optional). Receive the phone before leaving for your trip, at your home or business address, and also, the phone number assigned to you a week in advance. To keep in touch, to receive and share the latest scoring information from your favorite team, business or pleasure, this cell phone rental will keep you in touch all the time. With our Toll Free Service, people that you cared about can call you for free. After the phone is received back at our office, you will receive your bill. Fun, fast, easy and hassle free!

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