Friday, April 16, 2010

F1 Ing Magyar Nagydij Hungary, Budapest July 30th-August 1st

Continuing with the F1 2010 calendar, is the turn for the Grand Prix of Hungary, in Budapest. Enjoy the race with our international phone rental, at a very low cost, less than our competitors! Receive your assigned phone number a week in advance also, receive the phone at your home or business at your convenience. Remember, you do not need to purchase air time when you use our cell phone rentals, nor you will need to buy phone cards. This pay as you go system allows you to use your rental phone as you will use your own cell phone. Don’t worry about roaming either, our fees are set already. And if you are looking to impress you customers, you can use our Toll Free Service number, they can call you for free while you are enjoying the race in Budapest, you will only pay a small activation fee. When you are dont, just send the phone back to us. And If you are also looking to enjoy the city, please, ask about our new GPS rentals for Europe.


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